Preshil, a Progressive International Baccalaureate Continuum

Preshil is delighted to confirm its authorisation as a dedicated International Baccalaureate Continuum School, offering the Primary Years Programme (PYP) from Kindergarten to Year 6, and the Middle Years and Diploma programs (MYP and DP respectively) across the Secondary School years. These programs facilitate an innovative curriculum that represents the School’s long-standing reputation for offering a progressive and compelling alternative to conventional schooling. The Preshil IB fosters an engaging and challenging curriculum, informed by leading pedagogical research, with a focus on the individuality, passions and future aspirations of each student.

Importantly, the IB enables the delivery of a contemporary education while actively addressing the current disparity between what is taught at school and what young people require to flourish once their schooling years are over. Preshil’s approach to the IB at all levels is flexible, innovative and challenging. It is strongly aligned to the school’s long-term commitment to developing the independence and creativity of each of its students in a way that respects their individuality; their goals, interests and capacities.

Strong working relationships throughout the school community underpin Preshil’s entire ethos. The IB and Preshil are aligned in the view that learning is best achieved when each child is engaged, appropriately challenged, and has a voice in how his or her understanding will be assessed. For this type of education to succeed, respectful and supportive relationships between teacher and child are crucial.

The Primary Years Programme (Kindergarten–Year 6)

Early childhood is a time for powerful experiences that forever fuel the imagination of the scientist, artist, author, philosopher, and builder; experiences that children carry into their future as a core of inspiration, confidence and creativity.

The PYP provides the framework for Preshil to create a contemporary and progressive curriculum that focuses on qualities underpinning successful learning for each child; rich understanding at the conceptual level, the building of specific discipline-based knowledge, and the demonstration of increasingly sophisticated skills across all learning areas.

Preshil’s adoption of the PYP furthers its commitment to holistic learning that encourages the development of children both in and outside the classroom. They are supported to become internationally minded people who act with respect and dignity for themselves and those around them and are thoroughly prepared for the more structured and challenging Middle Years and Diploma Programmes.

The Middle Years (7-10) and Diploma (11 & 12) Programmes

The IB allows Preshil to offer a much more holistic and collaborative learning culture, reward individual research, community participation, creativity and global citizenship. It equips students with the necessary skills to meet the challenges of higher education and future vocations.

The MYP provides a world-leading framework within which Preshil delivers the Australian National Curriculum. In a vibrant schooling experience enriched by Electives, Philosophy and Camps, students are encouraged to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners; evolving into critical thinkers who identify and make connections between traditional subjects and the world beyond their immediate experiences.

The DP (Years 11 and 12) allows the creation of greater coherence between Preshil’s values and practice. Like Preshil, the DP understands that for education to be truly valuable, it must address the needs of the whole person and not simply the academic entity. By promoting self-reflection and interconnectedness through collaborative learning and community engagement, and encouraging students to pursue their passions and interests, the DP offers students a meaningful educational experience that is responsive to their needs and will equip them to be active, contributing members of a global community.


Preshil is the oldest Progressive School in Australia. As we face a rapidly changing global landscape, it’s imperative that children […]

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