Musicians in the making


There’s a rich variety of music, some of which has an international flavour, at The Kilmore International School.

The Kilmore International School (TKIS) is a highly academic school, with a very strong focus on the core subjects as delivered through the classes and an extensive after-school tutorial program. Despite this, many of its students still engage in musical activities, whether they be in dance, instrumental lessons, ensembles or choirs.

Although TKIS is a small school, you will find exceptional talent and dedication. School captain for 2015, Angus Franks, achieved the maximum IB score of 45 in his International Baccalaureate and was granted a Sir John Monash scholarship at Monash University, yet still managed to learn and perform cello to a signifcant degree of proficiency. Angus and many of his classmates regularly performed at school assemblies, concerts, recitals and at the various aged-care homes in the Kilmore area. Combine this with his love of horses and regular work on a farm and you have a great example of a true IB student – rounded, a leader, an artist and a fine scholar.

Approximately half of the school’s students are from Asia. They bring with them myriad cultural experiences and exotic instruments. The school currently has three players of the guzheng and one of the music captains, Chen Lingzi (Lynn), frequently performs on this beautiful plucked Chinese zither at school events. Year 7 student Jaipreet Kaur is a player of the dilruba, a small sitar-like bowed string instrument from India. Many boarding students learn piano, dance and sing and the school’s talent shows are always rich with Chinese ballads, Korean and Indian dance and performances from the school’s strong contingent of rock musicians.

All juniors at TKIS learn strings – violin and cello. This makes for exciting concerts where the staff weave their magic to create a 90-piece orchestra with choir that presents a diverse selection of music at major concerts throughout the year. Many of the students continue past the junior years with their practical studies, perhaps staying with strings or spreading their wings to experience percussion, woodwind, piano, voice and brass.

In the music classroom, you can hear students creating new works, either on instruments or using computer technology. They work on many aspects of music, in preparation for the actual IB Music course, and can be heard and seen rehearsing and performing in combinations ranging from soloists, through to small ensembles to the mighty 23-piece Year 10 rock band.

Should you ever visit the small town of Kilmore, in Central Victoria, you are bound to hear a wonderfully rich variety of music on any day and any time.

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