Meriden Junior School opens new STEM and Music classrooms

Meriden Junior School has recently celebrated the opening of specialised classrooms. The colourful, architecturally designed spaces are being enjoyed by students for Music and STEM projects that involve collaborative, creative and critical thinking.

The renovation has added to the Junior School Campus one high-tech STEM Lab, two classrooms, a Music Academy office, two Music classrooms, six Music tutorial rooms and three instrumental storage rooms.


The STEM Lab is equipped with a 3D printer and a range of robotics equipment. It has a large floor space and moveable furniture, which means the room can be easily re-arranged when girls are finished coding their robots and move on to the testing phase. The space has also been designed to host virtual reality and green screen activities as well as Science experiments.

Meriden STEM

The Music Academy rooms have been designed for instrumental, speech and drama lessons. The spacious areas allow for the free movement of students during group work and rehearsals. The rooms are equipped with new pianos which will be used by accompanists and students and the girls have access to a range of instruments and technologies that support their development in analytical listening, innovative composing and performing and promote deep understanding of musical works.

Meriden Music

Dr Michele Benn, Head of Junior School, says the refurbishment will enhance the learning of Meriden girls who are already deeply engaged in Music curriculum and emerging as young scientists who are solving practical issues using STEM.


“The bright new classrooms inspire creativity and already the girls have used the flexible learning areas to practise their instruments with specialist teachers, compose their own music and program robots,” says Dr Benn. “The expertise of the Music Department, Music Academy staff and the Dean of Inquiry Learning will be put to good use in these spaces and I know they will help our Junior School students to continue to develop their interests in Music and STEM.”


For more information, visit the Meriden website.


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