Make paying school fees easy with ASG School Plan

Financing your child’s education is becoming one of the biggest ongoing expenses parents will have to manage. ASG School Plan (School Plan) understands that parents want the best education for their child and recognises that a good education holds the key to their child’s future.

About ASG School Plan

Australian Scholarships Group (ASG) helps create educational opportunities for children and deliver a range of products and services to families. School Plan is one such service. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of ASG — a member based organisation, School Plan offers an annual school fee payment service that helps families manage the payment of school fees.

Ensuring school fees are paid on time can be a challenge for many families. Whether it is a matter of balancing the family household budget or keeping track of when payments are due, school fees can sometimes be overlooked, resulting in late payment. Fortunately there is a simple solution.

From as little as 3.95 per cent of the total fees to be funded, School Plan can cover the following:

  • Tuition fees
  • Boarding fees
  • Camp fees
  • Building fund donations
  •  Extra curricular activities

Why choose ASG School Plan?

School Plan makes managing school fees easy.

School Plan members enjoy:

  • Education costs spread throughout the year – pay school fees in manageable fortnightly or monthly instalments, rather than making large lump sum payments.
  • Flexibility School Plan can cover any fixed school payments, including the costs of tuition, boarding, camps, building funds and extracurricular activities such as music tuition.
  • Portability School Plan can be used at most Australian schools where the annual fees are more than $1000 per family. If your child changes school, we can adjust your instalments to reflect the new school’s fees.
  • Peace of mind – we pay your child’s fees directly to the school by the due date, so you never have to worry about missing a payment or early bird discount again
  • A proven approachSchool Plan currently pays more than $36 million in school fees each year on behalf of thousands of member families.

School fees payment calculator

Our instalment calculator lets you calculate your instalment amounts based on plan type, payment frequency and amounts entered. Members can pay by direct debit from a nominated bank account or have their installments debited from a credit card account to earn rewards points.

School Plan Plus, our premium school fee payment service, allows members to pay by credit card (Mastercard, Visa or AMEX), givng them the opportunity to earn reward points.

View the calculator at

Are you ready to take the next step and make paying school fees easier? Let School Plan help manage your school fee payments.

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