Learning in residence

Wesley’s Contemporary and Dynamic Residential Community

Wesley College is establishing Learning in Residence, an innovative residential facility to be built adjacent to the Senior School at the Glen Waverley campus. Scheduled to open in 2017, this exciting, multipurpose, senior years (Years 10-12) residential development will provide a real-life context for holistic experiential learning which builds on the rich history of such residential experiences at Wesley – a century of boarding, two decades of Outdoor Education and the highly-acclaimed residential learning programs in Clunes and Yiramalay.

The architectural design, location and programs have been designed to further enhance learning in the senior years and will again provide students – locally, nationally and internationally – with the benefits of an outstanding Wesley residential experience. Learning in Residence will be a dynamic and diverse community providing a vibrant and safe environment that will stimulate the intellectual, emotional, physical, social, cultural and spiritual development of the students in residence.

“Learning in Residence is not new to the College and, in many ways, can rightly be seen as an enduring element of our DNA,” says Dr Helen Drennen, Principal. “Building on more than a century of boarding and several decades of outdoor education, since 2000 the College has developed two highly-acclaimed residential learning programs – Clunes (1999) in country Victoria and the Yiramalay/Wesley Studio School (2010) on Leopold Downs in the Kimberley Region of Western Australia. Now we look forward to the return of boarding in Melbourne.”

Wesley’s international reputation for academic excellence in the International Baccalaureate Diploma, Victorian Certificate of Education and dedicated English Language Preparation Program, will be further enhanced by this residential experience. In designing the new Learning in Residence facility, considerable research was undertaken in preparing an educational and design brief so that the design is reflective of the college as a modern, innovative and progressive school offering a unique, contemporary, residential environment.

The Learning in Residence facility will include eight two storey residences, each accommodating a maximum of 16 students and one staff member. Four houses will be allocated for girls and four houses for boys. An additional three houses will accommodate other key staff. Students will share a bedroom with one other and an ensuite bathroom and lounge area. Study facilities will be available for each student in their room, as well as access to the Senior School library and resource centre for study periods, which will be supervised by residential and campus staff.

The residential program will continue the strong, culturally appropriate pastoral care model at Wesley College and provide comprehensive academic support systems to ensure each student’s social, emotional and academic welfare is nurtured. Students will have access to a communal dining space for 240 and the adjoining recreational areas. In addition to this will be full access to the campus recreational facilities including the sports centre, gymnasium, tennis/hockey/ netball courts, sporting ovals and swimming pool.

A newly-created Health Centre will provide students with medical assistance and access to the campus counsellors if required. An administration area will support students and parents with management of programs and the office of security staff.

The location and design of the residences within the spacious grounds of the Glen Waverley campus specifically address the safety of each student with their close proximity to the Senior School.


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