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Carey Baptist Grammar School new visionary building to open in 2016

After two years of research, consultation and development, building works are currently underway for a Centre for Learning and Innovation at Carey. It is anticipated that this visionary building project will open in Term 1 2016.

Carey has been working closely with architects and associated consultants on this development to create an exciting and innovative design concept. Like a symbolic tree with branches reaching out into different fields of knowledge, the building’s design is a celebration of the interconnectedness of learning areas and the importance of acknowledging the many facets of a Carey education.

The Centre will provide the Middle and Senior School students and staff with exciting general and science-specific learning spaces. At its heart will be a stunning and expansive Information Resource Centre. This state-of-the-art facility will provide continued access to our existing book collection; an increased range of digital and online resources; and a huge suite of study, reading, meeting and collaborative work spaces to support our students and staff in their pursuit of academic excellence. In keeping with Carey’s emphasis on Positive Education, themes of Positive Emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning and Accomplishment are reinforced with rooms dedicated to each of these areas of well-being.

Other features of the centre include a Cabinet Room, several audio–visual ‘Imaginariums’ and an ICT sandpit, all of which will extend the potential and possibilities of all student and staff learning. The United Nations Room will sit proudly at the top of the Centre with stunning views across Melbourne. This room will highlight the intersection of Carey’s values of integrity, service, spirituality, teamwork, thinking and wellbeing with the values of the United Nations. The Centre will also include exciting and expanded Information and Communication Technologies, as well as providing a new home for the Carey Archives. Adjoining facilities will also be significantly upgraded with this development.

In keeping with Carey’s commitment to sustainability, the Centre for Learning and Innovation has been designed using environmentally sustainable building features and practices. Completion of the Centre will mark a new era in Carey’s history as well as shape our future. With facilities that complement outstanding practise in teaching and learning, Carey will continue to provide exceptional education opportunities for students.


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