Embracing the Boarding Life at CGS – Valuable Insights from Our Beloved Students

Boarding life

In the heart of CGS, a cherished community thrives, nurtured by the experiences of its young members, Henry and Edward McCammon. Hailing from Townsville, Henry, a Year 8 boarder, embarked on his boarding journey this year when his parents were relocated to the area. On the other hand, his brother Edward, already a student at CGS, made the choice to board to maintain his connection to the School despite his family’s move to Townsville. Together, these brothers have unravelled unique advantages and profound life lessons that have enriched their lives at CGS.


For Edward, the boarding experience has been transformative, providing him with invaluable opportunities for personal growth and development. One of the most cherished aspects for him has been the newfound sense of relaxed mornings, in stark contrast to the hurried routines he once experienced. This sense of tranquillity has allowed him to cultivate close relationships with fellow boarders, fostering a supportive and tight-knit community within the campus.

Before embracing boarding life at CGS, Edward often found himself adrift in a sea of uncertainties, lacking structure in his daily student life. However, with the boarding system, he has been able to break free from these constraints, engaging in meaningful social interactions with his peers and forming bonds that will undoubtedly last a lifetime. Moreover, Henry has also found comfort in the structured environment that CGS provides, allowing him to forge deeper connections with friends and develop a strong sense of camaraderie.


The impact of the boarding community at CGS goes far beyond the surface, influencing the brothers in profound ways. Edward and Henry have learned essential life skills, such as acceptance, empathy, and the value of understanding diverse perspectives. These experiences have nurtured their growth, instilling in Edward a sense of organisation and independence, while Henry has found empowerment through embracing his individuality.

At CGS, support systems and resources for academic and emotional well-being play a pivotal role in the students’ journey. Both brothers emphasise the significance of peer support and collaboration in tackling tasks and assignments, creating an environment that fosters teamwork and inclusivity. The boarding staff and faculty have also been instrumental in their development, providing guidance with assessments and nurturing their character.

Participating in extracurricular activities is another vital aspect of CGS boarding that has enriched the lives of these brothers. Edward’s active involvement in sports, particularly rugby, and his enjoyment of weekend trips to support the Raiders and Brumbies have given him a profound sense of belonging within the wider CGS community.


Beyond the friendships formed and the activities enjoyed, both brothers value the variety of meals and the diverse experiences that have contributed to their personal growth throughout their boarding journey. The lessons learned at CGS extend far beyond the classroom, influencing Edward’s perception of life beyond school and inspiring him to strive for excellence in all areas.

As they envision their futures beyond CGS, both Henry and Edward aspire to make a positive impact on the communities they encounter. The sense of community, peer support, personal growth, and the relentless pursuit of excellence at CGS have instilled in them a sense of purpose and responsibility, driving them to become agents of positive change in the world. In conclusion, Henry and Edward McCammon’s reflections on their CGS boarding experience provide invaluable insights into the unique advantages and transformative nature of life within the cherished community. From fostering deep connections to promoting personal growth and the pursuit of excellence, CGS boarding has truly been an exceptional and enriching journey for these brothers and many others fortunate enough to call it their home away from home.

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