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Technology infuses every part of our lives and with this in mind, Camberwell Girls Grammar School has embarked on a major initiative which will make it a world leader in the delivery of education enabled
by technology.

Students and staff now have access to an extensive suite of innovative applications which are taking K to 12 education to the next level. Already this year, the School has received feedback from families that dinner conversations have been dominated with excited talk about video conferencing, global classroom collaborations, virtual excursions, online homework groups and bio-mechanical analysis of various sporting techniques to name a few.

In the first few weeks of this year, classes had already made good use of the new technology by speaking to an archaeologist based in Canberra via video conference; virtual travelling to Central Australia to learn about Mungo man and Mungo woman, the first known humans in Australia; and questioning a scientist who is trying to identify the disease that is decimating Tasmanian Devil numbers.

This technology is all part of the new education 3.0 agenda that is revolutionising the way we teach and learn. CGGS students will most definitely be prepared for global citizenship and participation in the world beyond school.


Camberwell Girls Grammar School fuses technology and science in its new Sports field
and Sports Science Academy Sport and Science have also gained new dimensions at Camberwell Girls Grammar School, thanks to the leading-edge technology employed in the school’s new Sports Field and Sports/Science Academy, officially opened in February by the Honourable Josh Frydenberg.

The project was the final piece of the School’s current master plan and incorporates a professional 100-metre running track constructed in the material used at the London Olympics; Plexipave tennis, netball and basketball courts with spectator seating; natural grass for athletics field events and an outdoor amphitheatre for up 250 people.

Students can now analyse sporting performance in intricate detail for Science and Physical Education using GPS, speed radar, automated pitching equipment and state-of-the-art visual networking facilities enabled by a new, Cisco connected learning system. Monitoring, recording and tracking of student performance will be directly networked and uploaded to the school’s server for instant review.

School Principal Mrs Debbie Dunwoody says the new development offers students outstanding opportunities, not only helping them develop individual performance in a wide range of sports but also providing a practical Science laboratory. “We are using technology to deliver exceptional opportunities. Our students need to be part of this next generation in learning. We are on the cusp of a revolution driven by technology and, as educators, we have to think about how the world is changing so we can give our students the best preparation for success.”

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