Lennie’s Van: Driving Community Wellbeing in Bayside

Community Wellbeing

In the bustling community of Bayside, Lennie’s Van has become a well-recognised symbol of support. This St Leonard’s College social action initiative has made significant strides in supporting the wellbeing of the local community. Through the tireless efforts of the Senior School students and staff, Lennie’s Van has evolved into an emblem of unity, delivering essential food services and fostering a feeling of belonging among those in need.

Food Security and Nutrition

One of the fundamental aspects of wellbeing is proper nutrition. However, many individuals in Bayside face food insecurity and struggle to put healthy meals on their tables. Lennie’s Van provides a range of breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea services to the local housing estates, distributing nutritious meals and groceries to those who are food vulnerable in our local community.

Community Engagement and Social Connection

Loneliness and isolation can have a significant impact on an individual’s overall wellbeing. St Leonard’s College is a school that understands the importance of social connections and actively foster community engagement. The Lennie’s Van service is one such example, it brings people together. Whether it’s at the bacon and egg breakfast barbeques or through a simple conversation, Lennie’s Van creates opportunities for individuals to connect, form meaningful relationships, and combat social isolation.

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Empowering Through Experiential Education

Volunteering on Lennie’s Van is an invaluable component of the St Leonard’s College experiential education program, providing practical and transformative experiences for our students’ learning and growth.

Participating in the Lennie’s Van program promotes cultural competence by exposing students to diverse perspectives, whilst fostering empathy and understanding. It instils a sense of social responsibility, encouraging active participation in community and civic engagement.

Volunteering enriches experiential education by providing hands-on learning, skill development, social awareness, introspection and a strong sense of responsibility. It empowers students to make a positive impact, while also benefiting their personal growth.

Lennie’s Van has become a vital force for community wellbeing in Bayside. Through its commitment to enhancing food security and nutrition, social support, community engagement, and education, Lennie’s Van has had a profound impact on

the lives of countless individuals including our St Leonard’s College students and staff. 

As it continues to roll through the streets of Bayside, Lennie’s Van remains a symbol of unity, driving community wellbeing and fuelling compassion and social responsibility.

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