Developing team spirit

Teaching your child the importance of working in a team with a central goal is an invaluable lesson that they will carry on throughout their adult life. No matter where they work or what type of work they do, they will have to work with others and do it well to succeed. Sports programs are a great way to teach your child the value and importance of ‘team spirit’ as they provide a fun environment perfect for nurturing healthy competition and group team skills.

An increasingly popular sport in Australia and Australian schools is all-star cheerleading and dance specifically with the Australian All-Star Cheerleading Federation (AASCF).  All-Star cheerleading is a fast-paced, dynamic sport that encompasses stunt, tumbling, tosses and dances. It requires dedication and a strong working ethic from the male and female athletes. It represents a variety of elements, including teamwork, commitment, dedication, hard work, loyalty and lifelong friendships that are beneficial to children’s development. It creates the acceptance that everyone is valued in this sport regardless of their shape, height and ability.

In participating in All-Star Cheerleading, children are trying the best they can with their own efforts and are accepting themselves just the way they are. The Program Director Rosemary Sims-James said when this self-acceptance was mixed with exercise, health and fitness, many of the youth issues could be resolved.

AASCF aims to encourage mutual cooperation and communication among squads and to provide a central resource of cheerleading information and assistance. Cheerleading requires tacit cooperation among athletes, creating a great platform for children to learn about team spirit and communication skills. AASCF is committed to helping the sport and the athletes grow through the cheerleading education, camps and national competitions.

Athletes get to test their skills against teams of similar age and level at All-Star Cheerleading competitions provided by AASCF. Participants are judged upon the overall entertainment value of superior technical athleticism combined with creative presentations. The competition staffs are consisted of cheerleaders who are knowledgeable and passionate about cheerleading and can offer assistance and support to athletes at competitions. In 2014, more than 35,000 cheerleaders competed through AASCF.

The Scholastic Cheer & Dance Australian All-Star Program at AASCF started in 2005 and has around 2,000 scholastic competitors. Scholastic Cheerleading is associated with a school, and its main focus is cheering for other sports and raising school spirit. It provides a unique opportunity for primary school children to participate in an active, safe, and fun program in an inclusive atmosphere. Students can get their school dance and cheerleading clubs involves with AASCF through inviting AASCF staff to give input on weekly practices and provide advice on competition rules and routines.

Australian All-Star Cheerleading Federation

AASCF has been in operation recreationally for 20 years before its official establishment in 2005, run by the Program Director Rosemary Sims-James. Formalised cheerleading was introduced into Australia under the guidance of International All-Star Federation (IASF) and U.S. All-Star Cheerleading Federation (USACF), the international governing authority in All-Star Cheerleading. AASCF provides coaching and athlete skill education, accreditation and Australia’s largest national cheerleading competitions.

AASCF is also the designated Australian provider of the IASCF Coach Credentialing, a vital tool to educating the industry leaders and keeping the athletes safe. Coach Credentialing at AASCF involves expert training through classroom instruction, interactions with other coaches, hands-on training and exams coupled with written exams. It maintains the safety, integrity and public perception of the cheerleading sport.

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Words: Sunny Liu

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