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CSI Comes to Meriden

Building on its array of course offerings in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, Meriden is offering a new subject to further inspire girls to pursue careers in STEM. Forensic Science is now offered as an elective to Year 8 students and girls have already shown enthusiastic support for the unit, which will begin in Term 1, 2021.

Forensic Science is the study of scientific processes undertaken by police and forensic investigators whereby evidence is collected and analysed to assist in criminal and civil law cases. Forensic scientists gather and process samples from crime scenes and their conclusions provide accurate and scientifically valid information that can contribute to solving crimes.

Head of Science, Mrs Tara Richards, says the course introduces students to the concept of a crime scene and how the crime scene is treated.


“Students will explore some important techniques undertaken by scientists including fingerprinting, blood typing, gel electrophoresis, DNA fingerprinting and soil and fibre analysis,” she says.

“The girls will develop skills in making observations, applying first- and second-hand investigations to solve problems and critically analysing the forensic processes presented in television dramas.”

Alana Ikladios is looking forward to being part of the first cohort to undertake Forensic Science at Meriden.

“I elected to take this subject because I love riddles, I love to think creatively and I love being challenged to solve problems,” she says. ”I hope the forensic science elective will build on my scientific problem-solving strategies.”

Alana says she thinks it’s important for young people to have access to STEM subjects like this one.


“STEM subjects teach logic and reasoning and I believe it is very important for us to understand the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ of the things that happen in our world. There isn’t an occupation in the world that doesn’t have an element of STEM in it. STEM is at the core of everything… just like atoms.”

Meriden’s highly qualified teaching staff and purpose-built learning areas encourage students to engage deeply with STEM and take part in a culture of innovative and creative thinking. The participation rate of Meriden girls in STEM subjects far outstrips national averages and the School’s provision of opportunity and encouragement to girls in this area paves the way for women’s representation in STEM at a tertiary level and in the workforce in years to come.

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