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Benefits of private schooling

Credit: Alphington Grammar School

Many parents struggle with the choice between public or private schooling. Private schools can offer resources, facilities and programs that suit your child’s values. Approximately 40% of Australian high school students attend private schooling.

Advantages of private schooling

Parents have more choice

Private schooling enables parents to choose a school tailored to their child.

Parents can choose schooling which focuses on their child’s areas of interest, or upholds values important to the family.

We are very fortunate in Australia to have a variety of choices in terms of schooling with very good independent, catholic and government schools. One of the great strengths of the independent schools is that decision making about ethos, educational and pastoral programs are all done at the school level giving them greater autonomy. This means that parents can make decisions about schooling based upon how the school values align with their own.

Dr Mark Merry, Principal, Yarra Valley Grammar

Specialised private schooling emphasises a particular area of learning alongside the NSW Board of Studies core curriculum.

Exposure to creative and performing arts

Private schools may offer specialised arts programs that allow your child to explore their talents.

For example, The McDonald College is an independent specialist school where students are able to participate in performances throughout the year. They offer classes such as acting, dance, music or musical theatre.

benefits of private schooling. students playing guitar. The McDonald College.

Credit: The McDonald College

Many of these schools have studio and theatre facilities for your child to excel in creative arts.

Exposure to sports

Private schooling often provides extra opportunity for students to compete against other private schools. Many private schools offer ‘Saturday sporting’ and large sporting facilities.


private schooling. private school students. Private school students swimming competition.

Credit: Trinity Grammar School

Religious schools

The Independent Schools Council of Australia reports 94% of independent schools have a religious affiliation.

Parents can choose from Catholic, Christian or Adventist schools. This is ideal for parents looking to raise their children with strong religious values.

Many private schools offer a large campus allowing students to experience a range of areas.

Academic Trajectories

Studies show that private school students have better post school outcomes.

Children who attended private schooling had a higher rate of pursuing higher education with a higher employment rate.

Business Manager and Head Tutor at Sigma Education, Ida Ajdari, believes private school children make an effort from a younger age.

Some of them feel a sense of responsibility to excel whether it’s academically or in the sporting world because of the price points of private schooling. I’ve noticed private school students are focused on doing well from younger ages.

She believes academic performance does not depend on public or private schooling but on the teacher.

I’ve noticed teachers from private schools pay closer attention to individual students. Therefore they are giving more tailored homework and put more detail into checking it.

Smaller class sizes

Private schools are commonly known to have smaller class sizes.

Studies show that smaller classes provide benefits for students. This includes individualised attention, and a more relaxed environment.

A lower teacher to student ratio enables more observation and intervention from teachers.

Ultimately, parents must choose a school that is appropriate for their child and the family.

Tips for choosing a school:

Choosing a school for your child can be difficult, if you wish to receive further information please see Choosing a School NSW 37 or Choosing a School VIC 34.

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