ASG talks about how to make sense of $$$ and cents

As parents we all want the same few things in life – be comfortable, healthy, provide for our family and do things that are important to us.

But sometimes the pressures of daily life wear us down, and we overlook things that are important to us. The cost of education and extra-curricular activities alone can make a big dent to an already stretched budget.

Dominic Aarsen, financial expert, adviser and an ex-ASG student shares his 7 top tips on how to make sense of dollars and cents …

  • How much can you save per week/fortnight/month? –Try opening an ASG Education Savings fund. You can access your funds at any time and make lump sum contributions on a regular basis! Talk to ASG about which products and options are right for you.
  • Balance transfer your credit card into one – Use the bank’s interest-free period (12 months, 18 months) to repay your debt. For example if you balance transfer a $4000 credit card debt, you can save approx. $700 in interest in the interest-free period.
  • $5 challenge – Each week put any loose change and $5 you get into a moneybox. You’ll be surprised how quickly small change adds up!
  • Cancel unwanted subscriptions – If you have Foxtel, Stan, Netflix and Spotify/Apple Music that’s $150 a month you’re spending. Cancel them if you’re not using them.
  • If you have a mortgage, shop around – Ask your bank if they can offer you a discount. You’ll be surprised how much you could save from one simple call.
  • Insurances (Car CTP Greenslip) – Check how much you’re paying for rego and compare other prices online. You can save up to $200 a year, by just Googling current prices.
  • Mobile phone costs – Check if your mobile provider offers a family plan. You can get a discount if you have multiple phones by just making a call.

“As a money person, my number one advice is write it all down—be it goals, a budget, expenses, or income,” Dominic says. “Just by writing it down, you are 42 percent more likely to achieve it. Remember, the first step with money is getting organised; the second part is taking action.”

Take the first step with us in planning and saving for your child’s education. To find out how we can work together call ASG on 131 274 or visit

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