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Alphington Grammar School – Top 100

Alphington Grammar School has shown consistent academic improvements over the past 10 years. In 2019 it was featured in the media for outstanding NAPLAN scores.

In 2020 it won ‘The Age’ award for most improved VCE results in 10 years for the Northern School District and this year, was among the Top 100 Schools in Victoria. 2021 NAPLAN results again indicated that the school had achieved well above the State average in every category at every year level – a remarkable achievement for a truly open-entry non-selective school.

Alphington Grammar School – Top 100

Alphington believes that every child can learn and every child should experience success. At the core of the school’s Teaching and Learning Philosophy is

“Strong relationships between the students and staff is critical to achieving measurable outcomes, maturity and growth in our students,” says principal, Dr Vivianne Nikou.  “Relationships underpin everything we do at Alphington Grammar School.  Our goal is for every student to ‘Aspire to Excellence’, but in order to achieve this we must deal with any existing social or emotional barriers which may prevent our students from reaching their potential. Our focus on social and emotional wellbeing means our students feel extremely comfortable and safe here at Alphington to take risks with their learning. It’s not stigmatised to get extra support or go to Homework Club. Smaller open and convivial classroom environments enable our students to gain a level of clarity to their learning, which can only be achieved in a safe and comfortable learning environment”.

Classroom teachers are expected to provide a differentiated curriculum which sees student learning outcomes enhanced. The ALPHA Initiative (Advanced Learning Program for High Achievers) has seen a significant increase in student outcomes for the most advanced learners and, Learning Support staff provide scaffolded learning experiences to cater for all abilities, ensuring success for all learners across the School.

Alphington Grammar School – Top 100

Schools are such centres of socialisation and collaborative learning. Remote Learning has challenged students, staff and parents in ways we have not experienced before. It has required an even more responsive, explicit and flexible lesson structure to be designed to ensure that students’ learning isn’t compromised.

There is no doubt that Alphington Grammar School is passionate about Teaching and Learning to have justifiably earnt its place in the Top 100 Schools. Clearly hard work brings its own rewards and Alphington has shown what that can look like for everyone.

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Alphington Grammar School

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Religion Non - denominational
Type Independent
Day/boarding Day School
Boys/Girls Co-edu
Years Kindergarten - Year 12
Enrolment 550 students
Fees Can be found on their website.
03 9497******* 03 9497 4777
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Address 18 Old Heidelberg Road, Alphington 3078
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