A love of science



John Monash Science School (JMSS) is Victoria’s first specialist senior secondary school focusing on science, mathematics and associated technologies.

JMSS has formed strong partnerships with researchers and academics in a broad range of scientific fields at Monash University and CSIRO, sharing resources and expertise and ensuring the courses offered at JMSS are challenging, contemporary and relevant. The curriculum allows students to explore the cutting edge of scientific knowledge and understanding in the areas of physics, chemistry, biology, earth science, mathematics, engineering, biomedical science, geography and computer science. Many students access a university extension subject on the Monash campus alongside traditional Year 12 subjects.

Flexible learning spaces enable students to learn individually and in teams. Each student has access to a range of co-curricular options including languages, music, the arts, community service, leadership and sport. JMSS believes in a holistic education for all students, and the strong focus on personal wellbeing and empowerment, physical activity and leadership development is a feature of life for students at the school.

The school accommodates 640 students from Years 10, 11 and 12 (VCE) from all over Victoria. Each student has their own mentor teacher who is responsible for overseeing the student’s day-to-day progress and wellbeing. The school runs many House events and other programs designed to build confidence, resilience, connectedness and spirit within the community. There’s also a well-developed Mindfulness program to build focus and resilience in students.

The school’s growing outreach program includes work with students and teachers from regional Victoria, as well as local primary schools. Partnerships with several international specialist science schools enable students to collaborate, share research and build friendships with equally passionate students across the globe through exchanges and science fairs. JMSS is excited about opportunities available for teaching its contemporary curriculum online via Emerging Sciences Victoria (ESV) — visit emsci.vic.edu.au for more information.

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