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Cranbrook was founded in 1918 in order to uphold the great tradition of a liberal educational philosophy, and continues to do so by instilling, and supporting the development of academic rigour. It is committed to intellectual growth and discovery. To achieve this, Cranbrook has created an environment that epitomises integrity, solidarity, responsibility, diversity, compassion and respect.

Located just four kilometres from the heart of Sydney, Cranbrook inspires every boy to realise his full potential and develop his strengths whether academic, sporting or within the arts. The school values critical thinking and strives to build self-belief in all students.

Cranbrook is committed to intellectual growth, discovery and a well-rounded education. The 2016 boys achieved outstanding HSC results, receiving 227 merits in total, with 102 students being placed on the Distinguished Achievers List in at least one subject. This year, six boys received places in the state for Modern History, Legal Studies, History Extension and Mathematics. In addition, 102 students gained 90 per cent or above in a least one subject, placing them on the Distinguished Achievers List, which is indicative of the school’s focus on excellence across the curriculum. The 2016 boys’ remarkable achievements reflect a continued focus on academic rigour and creative excellence; Cranbrook wants to equip young men not only to win places at leading universities, but also to flourish there.

Cranbrook’s intellectual aims are supported by a first-rate pastoral system: Boys are encouraged and enabled to build lasting and mutually beneficial relationships. The school relies upon the talents, skills and generosity of spirit of gifted teachers who invest their energies into challenging every boy to be the best he can be.

The aim as a school is to create a whole individual within a strong academic framework, and to prepare  students to voyage out beyond the comfortable, with courage and confidence. The school values critical thinking and strives to build self-belief for all students.

A well-rounded education: 
As a school Cranbrook expands every boy’s academic horizons to ensure that breadth and balance enrich the pursuit of excellence. It offers a broad range of experiences, so that the boys acquire strength of character and self-knowledge. Cranbrook offers a richness of opportunity and works to identify areas of particular interest so that self-belief can grow.

Sports programPhysical fitness and mental agility go hand in hand, reinforcing an acuteness of perspective. The Cranbrook sports program is both deep and wide, and one of inclusiveness, opportunity, and competition. Cranbrook encourages the balance between the team and the individual as well as places great importance on the ongoing cultivation of skills, training and conditioning.

The lessons learned while playing sport at Cranbrook extend far beyond the playing field, pitches and courts, ultimately shaping young men’s personalities and lives. One of the school’s most prominent and accomplished sporting alumni, Steve Solomon, is now studying medicine at Stanford University after accepting an athletic scholarship.

The Arts: Cranbrook places great importance on the enduring value of the arts. Participation in these programs aims to develop skills in leadership, performance, creativity and decision-making. The performing and creative arts form a valuable part of the school’s community life and the qualities of cooperation, as much as contest, are truly apparent within the school. Cranbrook engenders a love of the arts in children from Pre-school through to Year 12 and firmly believes that creativity is a process which must be stimulated, and nurtured.

Cranbrook in the Field: Cranbrook’s outdoor education program Cranbrook in the Field encourages the boys to challenge themselves and to support each other, to develop a respect for the environment, to express themselves and to accept opportunities to learn and grow. These skills greatly enhance their confidence in themselves and desire to make a difference to their families, peers, schools, and communities.

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Religion Anglican
Type Independent
Day/boarding Day and Boarding
Boys/Girls Boy
Years Kindergarten - Year 12
Enrolment 1437 students across P-12
+61 (2)******* +61 (2) 9327 9000
Address Cranbrook Senior School: 5 Victoria Road, Bellevue Hill NSW 2023; Cranbrook Junior School: 6 Kent Road, Rose Bay NSW 2029
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