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At Camberwell Girls Grammar School, girls enjoy not only equal opportunity, they enjoy every opportunity. They participate fully in an environment where there are no boundaries. As a result, they whole-heartedly explore their passions and interests and together, create an environment of strong academic achievement.

We have designed Wellbeing programs to enable our girls to be comfortable with who they are and not what they are expected to be. We aspire for our girls to mature into the best version of themselves in all ares of life, with an awareness of the needs of others as much as themselves.

Wellbeing is fundamental to positive academic and social growth. Our own model ensures a respectful, safe, connected, nurturing and encouraging environment exists so students can flourish in both academic and personal endeavours.

We recognise the vital importance of preparing girls for life and work in a rapidly changing world. Our STEAM program commences the moment girls arrive and we offer learning in areas that have been traditionally male dominated spheres.

We know firsthand the benefits of a balanced lifestyle and opportunities to participate in activities outside the classroom are endless. With over 70 offerings, from sport to music and everything in between – there is something for every girl.

CGGS empowers our girls to lead with humility and inspires them to make a difference by contributing to build a more just and sustainable world. Our Service Learning program and dedicated Service classes encourage our girls to take action.

We aim to send forth young women who will work towards positive changes and create their tomorrow as a respected participant in their chosen career, in society and in their relationships.

As a school, we are committed to the expectant hope that all our girls will experience the day when they will not be seen as female only. Instead, as highly esteemed equals. A day where they will realise #ItWasNeverADress – it was always a cape.

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Religion Anglican
Type Independent
Day/boarding Day School
Boys/Girls Girl
Years Kindergarten - Year 12
Enrolment 780 students
Fees Over 16k
Year 1 & Year 2: $18,000.00 - Year 3 & Year 4: $21,500.00 - Year 5: $24,500.00 - Year 6: $24,750.00 - Year 7: $28,500.00 - Year 8: $28,900.00 - Year 9: $30,250.00 - Year 10: $30,250.00 - Year 11: $31,000.00 - Year 12: $31,500.00
03 9813******* 03 9813 1166
03 9882******* 03 9882 9248
Address 2 Torrington Street, Canterbury 3126
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