The College provides the highest quality, innovative, integrated
education in a nurturing Marist community, founded on enduring Catholic values
and based on mutual respect for each other where every individual is seen as
equal. This is evidenced by the College’s harmonious multicultural environment.

The College is characterised by a diverse curriculum catering for a
wide range of students’ needs, abilities and interests, from Learning Support
through to the Gifted and Talented Challenge program. This diversity is also
reflected in the range of co-curricular activities offered by the College that
encompass sport, community service, cultural and creative arts.

The College’s experienced and dedicated staff contributes to the
academic success that students enjoy — each individual is seen as important and
is treated with respect, in an environment emphasising the total education of
the student. Marist College Kogarah has built a reputation on achieving
academic excellence and developing well-rounded, balanced students, preparing
them for an adult life of responsibility and commitment.

Curriculum: The College aims to provide engaging teaching methods
that challenge and extend every boy across all grades and all years by
dedicated, experienced, innovative staff that are responsive to change.

There is a strong emphasis on all Key Learning Areas, which includes
extension programs and support classes. The ‘Challenge Classes’ in years 7, 8,
9 and 10 continually assess and stretch academically gifted students across a
number of subjects, to perform at their highest level. Years 7 and 8 students
follow the syllabus requirements through a broad range of subjects, as set out
by the NSW Board of Studies, which includes Religion, English, Mathematics,
Music and Italian. In Years 9 and 10 the curriculum broadens as some of the
compulsory subjects drop away, allowing the boys to select two subjects to
incorporate into their timetable.

Senior Studies in Years 11 and 12 comprise the Preliminary and HSC
Course, where a wide variety of subjects is offered to cater for students of
every ability and interest. Religious Education and English are compulsory
subjects to the end of Year 12 with advanced and extension classes offered for
English and Mathematics. Approximately 40 courses are offered in Years 11 and
12, including VET courses (Business Services, Hospitality, Information
Technology, Construction), and a number of TAFE and Board Endorsed courses.

The HSC subjects include: Studies of Religion (1 or 2 unit), English
(standard, advanced and extension 1 or 2), Mathematics (four courses), Biology,
Chemistry, Physics, Senior Science, HSIE, PDHPE, Legal Studies, Ancient and
Modern History, Geography, Economics, Business Studies, Industrial Technology,
Music 1 or 2, Drama, Creative Arts, Italian Beginners and Information processes
and Technology.

Co-curricular activities: The formal academic side of the curriculum
is complemented by a wide range of co-curricular activities. Boys attending
Marist College Kogarah are encouraged to extend and enrich their learning by
participating in the activities that are offered. These include: Chess,
Debating and Public Speaking, choir, band, ensemble and drama performances,
Tournament of Minds, Outward Bound and Hobby Club.

Religious education: Religious Education is a major priority within
the College and is a compulsory and comprehensive area of study. Students in
Years 7 to 12 study the Sydney Archdiocesan Religious Education Curriculum,
“Faithful to God: Faithful to People”.

The College and all classes have set R.E. programs and lessons. In
Years 11 and 12 students are given the opportunity to study the Board of
Studies course, Studies of Religion at either 1 or 2 unit level.

A real sense of Christian community exists at Marist, and prayer is
seen as an important part of daily life at the College. Throughout the year
there are frequent opportunities for all students to participate in College and
class masses, sacramental programs, liturgies, prayer sessions and outreach
programs, such as the St Vincent de Paul “Night Patrol” program.

The College is fortunate to have a full-time College chaplain,
Father Xavier Barry, as a member of staff.

Sport: Participation in sporting activities, particularly team
games, is an important facet of school life at Marist. Students enjoy participating
in competitive and social sports including swimming, cross-country, athletics,
basketball, squash, cricket, tennis and golf.

Involvement in sport builds a sense of belonging, and no more so
than on the rugby, football and soccer field, where the College has a strong
sporting background in Rugby League, AFL, Soccer and Touch Football.

The College is a long-time member of the Metropolitan Catholic
Colleges sporting league, and through the MCC students are able to access
representation at higher levels. All MCC games are played on Thursday
afternoon, whilst whole-day tournaments and carnivals are held at various times
throughout the year. There is no Saturday sport, leaving the students free to
play for their local clubs.

School Information

  • Type: Catholic
  • Coeducational or single-sex: Single-sex, Boys

  • Faith-based: Catholic
  • Year: Year 7 - Year 12
  • Day/Boarding: Day School
  • Enrolment: approximately 1000 students
  • Interview Required Upon Enrolment: No
  • International Baccalaureate Programs offered:
  • ESL Support: N/A
  • Scholarships Available: No
  • Gifted and Talented Program: N/A
  • Preschool or Early Learning Centre: N/A
  • After School Care/ OOSH Options: None
  • Fees: on application
  • Address:52 Wolseley Street, Bexley 2207
  • Phone:02 9587 3211
  • Fax:02 9556 1790
  • HSC Subjects offered:Music, Visual Arts, Visual Design, Religious Education, English, Mathematics, Science, Technologies, Human Society and its Environment, PDHPE, Languages, Vocational Education and training, STEM
  • Clubs and Extra-curricular programs:Chess, Debating and Public Speaking, choir, band, ensemble and drama performances, Tournament of Minds, Outward Bound and Hobby Club.

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