Keysborough Secondary College values respect, excellence and diversity.
Facilities: The college offers an outstanding learning environment for students and teachers, having undergone an extensive renewal program, with new facilities and refurbishment occurring on both campuses.  Surrounded by extensive gardens and grounds, this includes: a modern Junior village dedicated to Year 7, 8 and 9 buildings, a Senior village dedicated to supporting senior students, a specialist Sciece Centre, an Arts Learning Area, dedicated Performing Arts centres and gymnasiums, healthy food canteens, leafy grounds and gardens, iPad and Netbooks programs and video conferencing, iPads and specialist technology labs.

Junior Villages: The Junior Villages consist of two modern purposely-designed buildings catering for students in Year 7 to Year 9.

Construction was completed during 2011, providing each year level with their own dedicated space. The features of the buildings include flexible teaching spaces, outstanding access to technology, bright, airy and pleasant learning environments, and environmentally sustainable design.

Senior Villages: The Senior Villages were completed in 2012 offering a more adult environment for learners in Years 10 to 12. The Senior Resource Centres are located within the buildings. The Senior buildings provide more access to independent study and learning within a modern, purposefully-designed and sustainable environment.

Stem Centre: The college has dedicated Science Technology, Engineering and Maths Centre, on both campuses. Our vision is to further develop the facilities to become a centre of excellence in these studies.

Chinese Language and Cultural Exploration: The Chinese Language and Culture Exploratorium located at Banksia Campus is dedicated to investigating Chinese culture and language through the use of the latest multimedia tools. The number of students studying Chinese language is growing, but all students benefit from the Chinese Exploratorium because it enhances student understanding of Chinese culture and language. A Confucius Classroom, involves leading cultural and language programs and a sister school in Shanghai.

Curriculum: Year 7 and 8 Foundational Skills: A broad range of learning skills builds independence, confidence and a positive attitude. We encourage and support students to achieve their best, particularly in literacy and numeracy. We take particular care to cater for the diverse needs of Year 7 and Year 8 students. Teachers gain a deep understanding of individual student’s learning needs and styles. Advanced learning opportunities within subjects are provided through personalised programs tailored for each student and for gifted learners.

Year 9 Our Relationship to a Larger World: We help our Year 9 students to develop their study skills, unique interests and goals. During Year 9 we offer our students more control and greater subject choice. The curriculum engages students in the world around them. They learn to explore, take responsibility, and use their initiative. Research and applied learning beyond the school involves the City Experience, ePen pals with students outside Australia, and sister school connections with China and Japan.

Year 10 Preparation for Senior Years: Students are encouraged to examine their individual pathways and to seek experiences in tertiary education, workplace or applied learning.

Year 10 is a time of preparation for Years 11 and 12 studies and is the beginning of a three-year SeniorSchool program. This means preparing for further study at university or TAFE, or focusing on vocational pathways and employment-based training. Comprehensive course advice helps students to identify their strengths and goals and the pathways available to them. In addition to the compulsory subjects of English and Maths, students choose from a wide range of units offering considerable flexibility. This enables them to build individual study programs and work towards their goals. All Year 10 students have access to work education programs that allows exploration of future careers and encourages the development of vocational skills.

A special one-week ‘Headstart’ program also helps further prepare students for Year 11 and 12 studies. An accelerated access program allows capable students to undertake a VCE subject during Year 10.

Year 11 and 12 Aspirations for the Future: Our motivational approach to learning helps students through the challenges of senior years and develops autonomy, commitment and self-reliance. During Years 11 and 12, we encourage students to believe in their own capabilities, set personal goals and achieve their best. We create independent learners who can transition smoothly to tertiary education, further training or employment. We offer an excellent selection of VCE subjects, and Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) programs. A wide range of Vocational Education and Training (VET) subjects also provides further opportunity for senior students. An extensive pathways program includes an annual Careers and Pathway Expo, career counselling, the Beacon Program and the Year 11 Aspirations program. VCE induction, a special study skills camp for Year 12, holiday revision and exam preparation programs further assist our students in achieving their best.

Sport: Physical Education and Sport is compulsory from Years 7 to 9. There is an active house competition in swimming, cross-country and athletics. A wide range of sports is played at inter-school level with several teams being state champions.

Extra-Curricular Activities: Individual music and singing tuition, college band, choir, music soiree, drama productions, gym training, debutante ball, Student Leaders, camps, and interstate and overseas study tours. Participation is encouraged in Australia-wide competitions such as the Australian Mathematics, Science and English Competitions. Cultural diversity is celebrated in the annual Cultural Festival.

Student Well being Programs: Discipline is based on the school’s aims and values, with rules and consequences. Courtesy and respecting the rights of others to learn are encouraged. There is a student welfare co-ordinator, vocational education, careers co-ordinator, school nurse, school psychologist and visiting counsellors that help students to work through issues such as self-esteem, motivation, anger management, positive social behaviours and adolescent issues. There is individual counselling, as well as programs focused on assertiveness training, study skills, time-management and body image. There is a work experience program, special transition program and two sub-schools. Specially trained teachers are also available for students from non-English-speaking backgrounds. Remedial help and multicultural teacher aides assist mainstream classroom teachers.

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