Isis District State High School is located in the town of Childers. Isis High, established in 1961, has a highly respected reputation built on strong community values and academic, sporting and cultural success. The school offers a quality education to all students to ensure effective preparation for their desired future pathways.

The success at Isis District State High School is due largely to a professional and committed staff, a supportive community, energy for change and a broad curriculum focused on meeting a diversity of student needs in an increasingly complex society.

The school’s purpose, in an environment of increasing change, is to respect and learn from the lessons of the past to meet the current learning needs of students to ensure each young person can access a viable and meaningful future.

Facilities: Isis District State High School is well served by modern learning facilities and pleasant, well-maintained school grounds in a country setting.

Subjects/Electives Years 8 to 10: In Year 8, 9 and 10 students complete a curriculum in English, Mathematics and Science that is consistent with the National Curriculum (syllabuses produced by the Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority). In 2013, History was added to this suite of subjects.

Year 8 and 9 students complete a ‘junior phase of schooling’ curriculum with a strong focus on literacy and numeracy skills. For subjects other than those linked to the National Curriculum, they are based on ‘key learning areas’ incorporating ‘essential learnings’ from Queensland Studies Authority syllabuses

Year 10 serves as a ‘transition’ year that concludes the junior phase and prepares students with the skills required for successful participation in the senior phase of learning.

Electives Years 11 and 12: Year 11 and 12 comprise the ‘senior phase of learning’. This is based on a broad offering of academic subjects and a diverse array of accredited vocational education, offered within and externally to the school. Senior students are also able to access vocational programs not able to be offered at school, such as hairdressing and automotive, through the partnership School-TAFE Links program. The school also supports students participating in the school-based Traineeships and Apprenticeships in order to establish a career pathway after completion of school.

Some subjects are able to be offered via virtual schooling or distance education. All senior students are supported in planning an individual learning pathway to a viable post-school destination.

Sport: Isis District State High School encourages student participation in sporting opportunities available as a means of providing physical exercise and the development of positive attitudes to competition and teamwork.

Extracurricular activities: Cultural, Public speaking, Apex Debating, Rostrum, dance, instrumental music programme, Cattle club.

Welfare and personal development: The school emphasises focussed learning in the context of a supportive environment where partnerships between staff, students, parents/carers and community members share the responsibility for student learning and ongoing review of practices.

School Information

  • Type: Government
  • Coeducational or single-sex: Coeducational

  • Faith-based: None
  • Year: Year 8 - Year 12
  • Day/Boarding: Day School
  • Enrolment: Approximately 500 Students
  • Interview Required Upon Enrolment: No
  • International Baccalaureate Programs offered:
  • ESL Support: N/A
  • Scholarships Available: No
  • Gifted and Talented Program: N/A
  • Preschool or Early Learning Centre:
  • After School Care/ OOSH Options:
  • Fees: Free (Government School)
  • Address:3 Ridgway Street, Childers Qld 4660
  • Phone:07 4192 1222
  • Fax:07 4192 1200

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