Getting involved with your child’s school

Getting involved with your child's school. parents volunteering.

Getting involved with your child’s school and teachers can assist with their learning. Creating a strong partnership with your child’s school may encourage student growth, performance and participation. Parental involvement at school also improves teacher performance.

Facilitating a supportive environment at home and school helps your child achieve academically .

What is parental engagement at school?

Parental engagement at school is collaboration between parents and teachers to help achieve your child’s educational goals.

Teachers can advise parents on information about their child at school. Similarly, parents can provide a perspective about their child that teachers are unaware of.

By sharing this information and responsibility, parents and teachers can work together to enrich their child’s school experience.

Why is parental involvement at school important?

Parental involvement at your child’s school supports their academic achievement and wellbeing.

Research reveals a strong link between parental involvement at school, academic achievement and attendance. Parental involvement also boosts your child’s self-esteem.

“It is a well-researched fact that when schools and families work together, there is greater student academic and social success.  Plus, life is just more fun when like-minded people work in teams for a great cause – our kids!”

Mrs Jo Hutchens, Director of Advancement, Arden Anglican School

Getting involved with your child’s school also encourages teachers and boosts morale. With more insight, teachers can create lesson plans that better fit your students’ needs. Schools also benefit from parent participation at the school and for school events.

How can I get involved in my child’s school?

Volunteering at school

Volunteering is the best way of getting involved with your child’s school.

Schools often provide opportunities for parents to help organise or chaperone school events or excursions. Parents can also usually volunteer for school facilities including the canteen or library.

Arden Anglican School in Beecroft and Epping has encouraged parent engagement in school life for the last 100 years. From the earliest days, Arden promoted the importance of parents being involved on campus to help create a vibrant school culture and this remains in place as Arden celebrates its Centenary in 2022.

“We developed our parent volunteer network with the key objective of working in a year group team to foster friendship and support amongst our families.”

Mrs Jo Hutchens explains, The Arden Parent Network is seen as an extension to the school’s wellbeing program and encourages social gatherings in year groups, involvement in key school events, classroom assistance and welcoming new families.

getting involved with your child's school. parents and teacher communicating.

Joining the Parents and Citizens’ Association (‘P&C’) at school allows parents to take on a more formal role in assisting the school and providing feedback to enhance student learning.

Communicate with the school and teachers

Having a communication stream with your child’s teachers is a good way to get involved with your child’s school.

Communicating with the school can allow parents to:

  • Suggest learning opportunities by sharing your child’s strengths and weaknesses

  • Discover extracurricular opportunities related to your child’s interests and strengths

  • Feel more comfortable raising concerns about their child’s learning

  • Understand what their child is learning

  • Know about any important upcoming events

  • Give teachers an understanding of any personal circumstances your child is experiencing at home

You may wish to set up meetings with school staff or your child’s teachers to provide or seek an update on your child’s learning.

Stay up to date with the school

Schools often provide digital tools to help families stay involved with their child’s school.

If you are not sure, ask the school if they have any of the following:

  • School email subscription

  • School newsletter

  • Any apps or website for weekly news

  • Google classroom or other online parent portal

  • School calendar for the term

However, offering your time and support as a community member is ultimately the best way of getting involved with your child’s school.

Help your child out at home

Being engaged in your child’s school also includes support at home.

Getting involved with your child’s homework or projects at home will lead to better motivation, behaviour and grades.

Some ideas to get involved at home include:

  • Helping your child with their homework or assignments

  • Read books in front of your child and try to encourage them to read

  • Create fun DIY learning opportunities at home

  • Help your child study – ask them if you can read their flashcards or help them practice

  • Play educational games at home – this may include games such as Lego, scrabble or monopoly

If you are unsure of how to contribute to your child’s education at home, ask the teacher what they suggest for your child.

Choosing a school for your child can be difficult, if you wish to receive further information please see Choosing a School NSW 37 or Choosing a School VIC 34.

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