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Belong – Believe – Become

Beaumaris Secondary College is a newly established secondary school which opened in 2018. Located in the leafy bayside suburb of Beaumaris, we are in close proximity to the bay, a marine sanctuary and nature reserves.

Our vision is to provide our students with an environment that promotes curiosity, challenges their thinking and gives them a sense of purpose within their community. We are committed to the pursuit of academic excellence across a diverse and engaging curriculum, both in and outside learning spaces.

At Beaumaris Secondary College, our mission is ‘To inspire students to become critical global citizens’. Our aim is for our students to understand their personal agency and group capacity to contribute to our world in a positive, honest, and sustainable way with responsibility, pride and integrity.

We have a welcoming and supportive school environment that reflects our CORE values of curiosity, optimism, respect and excellence. Our professional and committed staff take the time to develop a strong rapport with students and their families to achieve the best outcomes for academic success, while supporting wellbeing.


As a newly established school we have exceptional facilities to support all learning areas including flexible learning spaces that cater for individual study, group work and whole class learning.  We have exciting, dedicated spaces such as our new Senior Lounge and Study Spaces, Physics, Chemistry and Biology Labs, Library, Food Technology, Performance Spaces including a band room and instrumental spaces, Gym, Fitness Centre, design spaces, Workshops, media space with green room and so much more. Our world class onsite sporting facilities, shared with the Melbourne Cricket Club (MCC), allow students to excel in their chosen sport with a FIFA grade Multipurpose Pitch, cricket nets and superior ovals.


Our teaching and learning vision is that ‘We learn purposefully by cultivating curiosity, being reflective and making real-world connections.” Beaumaris Secondary College is committed to the delivery of a comprehensive, broadly based and culturally inclusive curriculum in line with the F-10 Victorian Curriculum and differentiated to support diverse learners. We support the development of cognitive, intrapersonal and interpersonal competencies that enable our students to transfer what they have learned to new situations and new problems. By engaging in deep learning our students become creative, connected and collaborative problem solvers who gain knowledge and skills for lifelong learning and who can use contemporary digital technologies to enhance their learning.

We focus on matching pedagogy to learning spaces and employing highly capable, collaborative and creative staff to ensure that the teaching and learning is of the highest calibre. As part of our pedagogical practice, we use a variety of High Impact Teaching Strategies which allow us to create authentic and rich learning experiences for our students. Students are explicitly taught 21st century skills and apply these skills through Project-Based Learning (PBL) tasks which provide students with opportunities to discover passions and make connections through the process of meaningful inquiry.

Beaumaris Secondary College is a technology rich learning and teaching environment that utilises the Microsoft Office 365 platform for teaching and learning. The OneNote digital notebook is used to curate curriculum, organise learning material and allow collaboration. Students are immersed in technology where they can access a visible curriculum anytime and anywhere. Using the Teams app, students can collaborate with peers and teachers to enhance their learning.

Co-curricular Activities

Beaumaris Secondary College offers a range of co-curricular activities for students of all capabilities, and across all year levels, to promote connectedness and inclusion including; Camps, Instrumental Music Program, Home Learning (homework) Support, College Production, Student Voice & Leadership and a large range of clubs e,g., Robotics, Computer, Diversity, Maths, Chess, Communicate & Relate (English), VCE Study Sessions, Work Experience Support, Art, Dance, Drama, Media, Book, Anime, Board Games, Fitness, Yoga, Artisanship, Vocal and Bands & Ensembles, Marine Ambassadors, Green Team, eSports and a Student Wellbeing Action Group. The programs continue to grow as our school continues to grow.

Student Wellbeing

Our GOAL program (Pastoral Care Program) cultivates an environment that supports the physical, social, intellectual and emotional development of every student. Through this program, GOAL mentors build a community that nurtures and respects individual differences and talents, creates a safe and supportive environment and celebrates achievements. The GOAL program focuses on Gratitude, Organisation, Aspirations and Leadership.

The heart of education is the education of the heart and, as such, the very core of a caring school and morally mindful education is a well-structured and considered wellbeing program that builds student capacity across all areas. GOAL Mentors are key figures in the delivery of wellbeing programs to students. Each GOAL Mentor plays an important leadership role in the College. Not only do they maintain effective communication between students, their learning area teachers and parents, they also have an integral role in the development of a collaborative culture.

The main focus of a GOAL Mentor is the wellbeing of each student in his or her care. GOAL Mentors work closely with our Head of Wellbeing to create a structured and supportive wellbeing program. Our Head of Wellbeing is a school psychologist and can provide further supports and guidance to students and families.

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Beaumaris Secondary College

School Information

Beaumaris Secondary School
  • Type: Government
  • Coeducational or single-sex: Coeducational

  • Faith-based: None
  • Year: Year 7 - Year 11
  • Day/Boarding: Day School
  • Enrolment: 700 students in 2021 (Year 7 – 10), 880 in 2022 (Year 7 – 11), 1100 in 2023 (Year 7 - 12)
  • Interview Required Upon Enrolment: No
  • International Baccalaureate Programs offered:
  • ESL Support: N/A
  • Scholarships Available: No
  • Gifted and Talented Program: N/A
  • Preschool or Early Learning Centre:
  • After School Care/ OOSH Options:
  • Fees:
  • Address:117/136 Reserve Road Beaumaris 3193
  • Phone:(03) 8569 9200
  • Additional Information:Beaumaris Secondary College is a newly established secondary school which opened in 2018. Located in the leafy bayside suburb of Beaumaris, we are in close proximity to the bay, a marine sanctuary and nature reserves.

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