Yarra Hills Secondary College is committed to the development of our students and their life-long learning skills that enable them to achieve their individual goals and make a positive contribution to their community. It is a dynamic multi-campus college in the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne. As a multi-campus secondary school, the college offers an extensive curriculum in smaller settings that is tailored equally to the needs of both junior and senior students. A multi-campus college the size of Yarra Hills Secondary College allows for individual attention in the junior years with class and level sizes that improve the ability of the school to be able to respond to individual needs. Yarra Hills Secondary College is proud of its ability to help students feel happy, secure and confident. The friendly and helpful atmosphere at each campus is supported by a clear code of conduct, a distinctive uniform policy, firm structures, clear expectations and strong academic and extra-curricular programs.

Facilities: Yarra Hills Secondary College multi-campus system ensures small class sizes. There is a community-based campus for Years 7 to 10 at Mount Evelyn and a newly rebuilt campus at Reay Road for Years 7 to 12. Students who are currently based at the Cambridge campus will move to Reay Road in the second half of 2013. Each campus has outstanding computer access and a completely wireless environment. iPads were introduced in 2013 at Year 7 and all students in years 9 to 12 are provided with a netbook.

Extra-curricular activities: Yarra Hills Secondary College offers camps and sporting opportunities as well as special programs in music, outdoor education and technology.

School tours: Tours are available almost any day. For more information contact the relevant campus office.

School Information

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