Haileybury, one of Melbourne’s leading independent schools, educates students from early learning to Year 12 at campuses in Brighton, Berwick and Keysborough, in an innovative, friendly and accepting environment. The school has been acclaimed for its outstanding academic achievements since its foundation in 1892 and now boasts a broad range of co-curricular activities and state-of-the-art facilities. Learning at Haileybury is student-centred and depends on the different learning styles of students and on their gender, age, interests and potential. The school’s innovative education environment includes a progressive curriculum at each stage of schooling based on individual learning programs. The curriculum has the Victorian Curriculum Standards Framework as its minimum basis, but provides extension and supplementary programs at all levels. Haileybury’s parallel education is an enlightened method of learning and teaching that recognises the diverse educational needs of boys and girls. Parallel Education gives boys and girls the benefit of learning together in their early years, combined with better educational outcomes through single-gender classes in the middle and senior years. Co-instructional classes continue until Year 4. From Years 5 to 12, boys and girls attend separate schools on the same campus.

Facilities: In 2003, Haileybury was the first Victorian independent school to guarantee that classes that count towards the VCE and university entrance score will have no more than 15 students. All other classes are capped at 18 students. Haileybury’s commitment to small class sizes extends to all stages of schooling, ensuring students become independent, resilient learners with all the support they need.

Curriculum: Haileybury has had an unrivalled record of outstanding VCE results for many years, with most students placed in the top 20 per cent of Victoria, half in the top 10 per cent, and a large proportion placed in the top one per cent. The school provides a unique three-year VCE program, allowing students to choose studies and academic levels to match their abilities, needs and interests. Studies can be spread more evenly, allowing Year 12 students to concentrate on their best four subjects.

Extra-curricular activities: Haileybury’s exciting range of activities includes drama, debating, clubs, music, publishing, extension programs, leadership and adventure activities, and community service. Extra-curricular activities mean extra enjoyment on weekends and school holidays and include an outdoor education program.

Student welfare programs: Haileybury provides a safe and supportive learning environment. Each student is under the guidance of a home-room teacher (Junior and Middle Schools) or a tutor, a head of house (Senior School) and supported by psychologists, chaplains and other expert staff. Students with individual needs are catered for under the mainstream program, as are students with special talents and strengths. Communication between teachers and parents is a high priority at Haileybury. Parents are kept up-to-date with their child’s progress and activities through regular newsletters, parent information sessions, daily communication between teachers and parents, and parent-teacher interviews. Haileybury understands that beginning and ending all stages of schooling can be challenging, so a comprehensive transition program is provided to help students through these difficult times. Academic, general excellence and music scholarships are offered.

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