As a school with a 100-year history, Geelong High School is recognised in the community for the strong academic success of its students and its focus on welfare and discipline. It is a co-educational school of 900 students, which primarily serves central and eastern Geelong suburbs as well as the Bellarine Peninsula. The school has a focus on developing and valuing relationships as a prime means of improving student outcomes. It operates on the principles of the Four Cs: Courtesy, Co-operation, Consideration and Care.

Curriculum: Year 7 students participate in a program underpinned by a strong core studies component. This is delivered by a dedicated teaching team in a modern, open-learning environment. To support students in their transition to high school, the program is based on Middle Years principles with each class having a designated home-room, a home-group teacher who teaches them for a significant amount of time each week, and areas of the school that are exclusively for Year 7 students’ use. The school has in place an Individual Pathways program across Years 8 to 12 in which students choose their courses from some 200 Semester Units, completing seven units each semester in Years 8 to 10. This structure enables students to pursue acceleration within their individual program. These choices are made based on their aspirations and abilities, but within broad guidelines incorporating all the Key Learning Areas. It also offers a comprehensive choice of VCE studies including Vocational Education and the VCAL. To support students in their course selection, all teachers have been trained as counsellors and are supported by a group of teachers with specialist knowledge, including VCE, VCAL, careers, welfare, vocational education and external courses.

Sport: Sport education is a component of the curriculum across Years 7 to 10. The school also has a strong commitment to inter-house and inter-school sport, which builds character through teamwork, discipline, co-operation and acceptance of rules and decisions.

Extra-curricular activities: The school’s performing arts complex facilitates dance, drama and music performance. An extensive instrumental program with concert and stage bands is offered, while an annual drama production offers further opportunities for students to participate. Study skills seminars, orientation and adventure camps and interstate trips are offered at different year levels. Specialist Individual Learning Pathways units offer students the opportunity to participate in a range of excursions, ski camps, bike rides, hikes and sailing programs.

Student welfare programs: All students spend two 45-minute sessions a week in their Home Groups. Year 7 students meet with their significant teacher while in Years 8 to 11, a mix of students from each year level meet with their home-group teacher, Year 12 meets separately in home-groups. The home-group program incorporates peer tutoring, team building, counselling, learning support and social activities and the development of Individual Pathways Plans for students at all year levels. The program is supported by a sub-school management structure, a full-time welfare manager and a full-time chaplain.

School Information

  • Type: Government
  • Coeducational or single-sex: Coeducational

  • Faith-based: None
  • Year: Year 7 - Year 12
  • Day/Boarding: Day and Boarding
  • Enrolment: 900 students
  • Interview Required Upon Enrolment: No
  • International Baccalaureate Programs offered:
  • ESL Support: N/A
  • Scholarships Available: No
  • Gifted and Talented Program: N/A
  • Preschool or Early Learning Centre:
  • After School Care/ OOSH Options:
  • Fees: Free (Government School)
  • Address:Ryrie Street, East Geelong 3219
  • Phone:03 5229 2221
  • Fax:03 5229 6702

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