In 2012 Berwick Grammar School (BGS) caters for boys from Years 5 to 9. In 2014 the school will expand to include Year 12. BGS is the brother school of St Margaret’s School in Berwick. The belief in single gender education underpins the philosophy of Berwick Grammar School, allowing for the design of programs and activities to reflect boys’ developmental needs and learning styles. The school strongly believes that boys can be best catered for in an all-boys school.

Facilities: Science and Arts Centre, Music School, library, sporting facilities including tennis courts, basketball courts, full-sized oval.

Curriculum: At BGS students are encouraged to learn in a variety of contexts through a range of innovative programs. An extensive Arts program explores creative expression through music, dramatic and fine arts, whilst technology studies engage boys with hands-on tasks such as woodwork and electronic circuitry. Technology is a strong feature of the curriculum at every level. All students use their own tablet computers as a learning tool in all subject areas.

Sport: An extensive sporting program provides both House sport and inter-school sporting opportunities. Sports on offer include, but are not limited to, athletics, cricket, cycling, human-powered vehicles, tennis, swimming, football, basketball and soccer.

Student welfare programs: There is careful attention paid to the development of individual potential with a strong pastoral care program and identification of individual learning styles and thinking tools.

School Information

  • Type: Independent
  • Coeducational or single-sex: Single-sex, Boys

  • Faith-based: None
  • Year: Year 5 - Year 12
  • Day/Boarding: Day and Boarding
  • Enrolment: 170 students
  • Interview Required Upon Enrolment: No
  • International Baccalaureate Programs offered:
  • ESL Support: N/A
  • Scholarships Available: No
  • Gifted and Talented Program: N/A
  • Preschool or Early Learning Centre:
  • After School Care/ OOSH Options:
  • Fees: 12k - 16k year 5 $14,574; year 9 $16,941
  • Address:80 Tivendale Road, Officer 3809
  • Phone:03 9703 8111
  • Fax:03 9703 8121

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