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Why you should be encouraging your children to craft

  The benefits to your child’s mental health and happiness could be just a stitch away… Here at School Choice, we want...

A happy transition to secondary school

  Words: Allan Shaw, principal and chief executive, The Knox School Many children change schools as they move to high school. Those...

The importance of strong values

  Words: Ms Linda Douglas, principal You may have listened to Simon Sinek’s talk Millennials in the Workplace as it did the...

Inspirational Principals: Trinity

Mr Milton Cujes, headmaster, Trinity Grammar School What made you want to enter teaching? I can recall making a conscious decision to...

Making the transition from primary to secondary school

  Your child’s move from primary to secondary school is a time of change — not just for the child, who...

Multi-Campus Colleges in NSW

  A multi-campus college comprises a number of campuses that work together as a single educational entity across a number of...

Inspirational Principals: Redlands

  Dr Peter Lennox, principal, Redlands What made you want to enter teaching? From a very early age I loved learning and was...

Rural and Distance Education in NSW

  The Department of Education has distance education provisions in place to deliver full-time educational programs to students who are isolated...

Understanding the RoSA, HSC and IB: A Concise Guide

  An understanding of the NSW Record of School Achievement (RoSA), the Higher School Certificate (HSC) and the International Baccalaureate (IB)...

Selective Schools in NSW

  While the broad range of schooling options currently open to parents reflects a well-developed and thriving educational system, the choice...

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