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How social media can affect your child's wellbeing

  With the rapid growth of social media, being online has become part of a teenager’s daily life. Social media is...

NAPLAN Update: What you need to know about the 2023 NAPLAN changes

New 2023 NAPLAN changes mean NAPLAN will be held earlier, with additional optional tests for year 6 and 10 students. The...

A guide to homework for parents

Credit: Meriden School Homework is a much debated topic for students, parents and schools. Our guide to homework for parents will help...

Which school is right for your child? – NSW

There are many options when it comes to choosing a school for your child. Schools vary in size, facilities, location,...

Checklist for choosing a school for your child

Credit: International Grammar School Choosing a high school for your child can be difficult with a variety of options available. Consider...

Benefits of private schooling

Credit: Alphington Grammar School Many parents struggle with the choice between public or private schooling. Private schools can offer resources, facilities and...

Ensuring a Smooth Transition into High School

Credit: MLC School Transitioning from primary school into high school can be a big change. NSW Centre for Education Statistics &...

A parent’s guide to social media in 2022

Social media use is widespread in Australian teens. The trend is growing with the development of new apps such as...

How to nurture your child’s wellbeing

Credit: Xavier College, Victoria Ensuring your child’s social wellbeing is a priority as mental health difficulties are becoming more prevalent and...

Battling Exam Stress: Managing your child in exam period

Many high school students experience exam stress. In 2021, nearly 66% of Australian students reported stress leading up to exams. The...

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