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Schools in NSW trialling extended hours

The New South Wales government is trialling extended school hours. Eight schools are participating in the trial aimed to suit...

The importance of sports in education

Many parents and children overlook school sports from a certain age. However, physical activity and sports is a fundamental element...

The importance of student leadership at school

Through student leadership at school your child can practice modern leadership skills. The skills obtained will allow them to excel...

Checklist for choosing a school for your child

Credit: International Grammar School Choosing a high school for your child can be difficult with a variety of options available. Consider...

Benefits of private schooling

Credit: Alphington Grammar School Many parents struggle with the choice between public or private schooling. Private schools can offer resources, facilities and...

Should I send my child to tuition?

Independent schooling fees can become a large investment for parents. Approximately 25% of Australian students are attending private tuition to...

How has the Australian Boarding School Community Evolved?

Credit: Freshnam School Boarding schools are an option for parents looking to enrol in independent schooling. They enable students to make social...

Coeducational vs single-sex schooling: a guide for parents to decide which option is best for their child

Credit: Macquarie Grammar With conflicting advice on whether coeducational or single-sex schools are better, parents investing in independent education must decide...


What started as a small trial for a handful of MLC School girls, quickly took on much greater proportions when...

Internship Programme at Ruyton Girls’ School

As actress Helen Hayes said, ‘The expert in anything was once a beginner.’ I wholeheartedly agree and therefore am perplexed by...

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