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The importance of sports in education

Many parents and children overlook school sports from a certain age. However, physical activity and sports is a fundamental element...

6 Practical Tips to help your child succeed in High School

All parents want their child to succeed in high school. High school years can be a stressful time for young...

What to do if your child is being cyberbullied

  In today’s digital age Australian’s are on the internet more than ever. Children aged 15 to 17 are the highest...

How to get your child motivated at school

School can be a tough, repetitive and ongoing process for some kids. It is common for kids to lack motivation...

Mindful school holiday activities for your child

The school holidays can be a busy time for parents entertaining children. Try out these mindful school holiday activities for...

Your Child’s Digital Footprint: Making sure they think before they click

Your child's digital footprint is a record of their online activity. This may include, browsing, interacting with others on social media,...

A Modern Classroom: Using technology in the classroom

It is often suggested that using technology in the classroom may cause distraction. However, the instant access to a wide...

What to do if your child is being bullied

Bullying is a serious matter and is not a ‘rite of passage’. Bullying can take place during school, at home...

NSW Government campaign highlights the dangers of vaping for secondary students

A new NSW Government campaign highlights the dangers of vaping and use of e-cigarettes for teenagers. The $300,000 campaign ‘Get the...

How social media can affect your child's wellbeing

  With the rapid growth of social media, being online has become part of a teenager’s daily life. Social media is...

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