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6 ways independent schools develop well-rounded individuals

Independent schools offer a vast range of opportunities enabling students to become well-rounded individuals. The variety of features allow students...

What are ‘Gifted and Talented’ programs at school?

Schools often provide ‘Gifted and Talented’ programs to support the learning needs of different students. ‘Gifted and Talented’ programs come in many...

What is the IB Bilingual Diploma?

With multilingual education on the rise and new career opportunities emerging many students are considering the specialised ‘IB Bilingual Diploma’. The...

Getting involved with the community through school

Credit: De La Salle College, Victoria Getting involved with the community through school can open up many opportunities at school. Your child...

Top 5 life skills from Boarding Schools

Students learn an array of invaluable life skills from boarding schools. Students gain independence and opportunities for personal growth from...

A guide to the VCE in Victoria

Completing the VCE in Victoria can be overwhelming for families. Your child is studying towards their senior secondary certificate. From 2023,...

Digital Literacy in Australian Schools

Digital Literacy in Australian Schools is important for students to navigate their education. Digital Literacy skills are also highly sought...

All about the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

Many Australian Schools offer the opportunity for their students to undergo the internationally recognised Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. What is the...

How does HSC scaling work?

When it comes to choosing HSC subjects, or the HSC period you may hear the buzzword ‘scaling’. What is HSC scaling? Scaling...

“Screenagers”: Managing your Child’s Screen Time

Managing your child’s screen time is important for their wellbeing and education. Most young Australian’s exceed their recommended screen time...

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