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Special Report: Preparatory Schools

Make your child’s journey from early schooling to secondary school as easy as possible with this guide to preparatory schools. Enrolling your...

Education options in NSW

While the broad range of schooling options currently open to parents reflects a well-developed and thriving educational system, the choices...

Four tips to finance your child’s quality education

  We all want to do the best by our children and send them to the best school possible. One that meets...

Making the Transition from Primary to Secondary School

Your child’s move from primary to secondary school is a time of change — not just for the student, who...

Education 2021/2022: The Big Picture

Education regularly undergoes changes, so it’s important to have a thorough understanding of the current educational curriculum, policy and teaching...

Understanding the RoSA, HSC and IB: A Concise Guide

Today’s Higher School Certificate (HSC) offers more than 110 courses, including a range of nationally accredited Vocational Education and Training...

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a School for your Child

For many parents, choosing the right school for their child is a daunting and difficult task. Here, we show you...

Character and Leadership Model

The following report was the basis for a Teacher Magazine Podcast that interviewed Ben Righetti and Allan Shaw. The report was...

ELTHAM College’s Elite and Emerging Athlete Program

For budding elite athletes, having an extra form of support beyond extracurricular and school sports and training can be a...

Six Vital Skills for School Readiness

Starting school is a big event in your child’s life as well as your own. When it’s time for your...

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